Stormy Pyeatte


Is an artist living and working in Melbourne, Australia. 

Before moving to the land of flightless birds, she was a Nor Cal weirdo, working on commercials and music videos in San Francisco, CA. 

Before that, she was showing her film Creative Compulsive Disorder: Remembering Zina Nicole Lahr at several film festivals across the US. 
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She graduated Cum Laude with a degree in film from the Santa Fe University of Art & Design in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

During her studies, she would spend her free time taking photos of ballet dancers at the Colorado Ballet and ice climbers for the Ouray Ice Park.

At one point, she fled New Mexico to work with Daniel Brodie on the Broadway production of Motown the Musical in NYC. 

Instead of doing homework in high school, Stormy would spend her time dancing and teaching kids to dance at Weehawken Creative Arts.

In her free time, she studied acting with the amazing Terry Kiser.

As a child she was obsessed with The Titanic.

I'm sure the one thing you want to really know is why her parents gave her such a peculiar name.

She was (in fact) born on a stormy morning. ☂